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Quote Boats

Hand-made (in the shed near Tenby, West Wales) QuoteBoats are unique one-offs from salvaged wood,

driftwood and other found bits and bobs from the Pembrokeshire coast.

Either select the one(s) you wish to buy, or contact Guy to commission your own QuoteBoat,

with a quote or dedication of your choice.

Sizes and prices:

small (approx. 20cm long)   from £19 each (inc p+p UK mainland)

These are perfect for doors, see Gallery image QB09Small

large (approx.) 40cm long from £45 each (inc p+p UK mainland)

These are perfect for longer quotes….

Commission your own QuoteBoat

Look through the examples in the Gallery, then decide upon colours, cabin style, shells or no shells etc. Please note that the details such as masts, shells etc are found randomly and therefore are not predictable (eg a big tide or high winds make finding the mast sticks easier…). The quote or dedication is entirely up to you of course, but as a guide the maximum number of words for a small boat is about ten, for a large boat is about thirty (eg see Gallery image QB05Large).

Please note:

QuoteBoats text is hand-painted, usually in the same style. I can do other styles too (eq Gallery image QB07)

QuoteBoats are intended to be view from ONE side only. As a rule the back of a boat is scruffy, see Gallery images QB08Large.

QuoteBoats are free-standing, ideal for shelves, desks etc.

If you have any queries, please contact me.

QB01 Large  


QB02 Large


QB03 Large


QB05 Large


QB06 Large

£45 SOLD

QB07 Large


QB08 Large


C09 Below the Beeches 2012,  41cm x 61cm, oil, £550.jpg QBLarge01 £sold.JPG QB02Large £45.JPG QB03Large detail.JPG QB05Large £sold.JPG QB06 Large detail.JPG QB07Large detail.JPG QB08Large detail2.JPG

QB09 Large


QB10 Large




QB09Small detail.JPG QB10 detail.JPG seaglass details.JPG shells.JPG

QB08 Large

£45 SOLD

Add your text

QB08Large back.JPG PayPal: Add QUOTE BOAT to cart PayPal: Add QUOTE BOAT to cart

QB11 Commission

QB11 Detail

QB11Van Gogh.JPG QB11detail2.JPG

QB11 Detail

QB11 detail1.JPG

QB12 Commission

QB12 Detail

QB13 Commission

QB13 Detail

QB12.JPG QB12det2.JPG QB13.JPG QB13det.JPG

QB14 Commission

QB14 Detail

QB15 Commission

QB15 Detail

QB14.JPG QB14det.JPG QB15.JPG QB15det.JPG

QB16 Commission

QB16 Detail

QB16.JPG QB16det1.JPG

QB16 Detail




QB18 Commission

QB18 Detail

QB 18.JPG QB18 detail.JPG